WK11- Classmate Interview-Yu-Tung Lin (Michelle)


My interview partner for this week is Yu-Tung Lin(Michelle),who is  a junior, major in Business Human Resource Management http://yutunglin.com/. The girl, who is in the middle of the photo is a new friend I met on that day, she is a senior exchange student from south korea, and she just came here two months ago. Sbe is  trying to make new friends, so she stopped me when I was on my way to the art gallery. We had a long conversation, and it is very nice to talk with her.

This week, when we walking around the gallery this thursday, the gallery of Wesley Hicks makes us very interested in and we looked for a while. Michelle think all the sculpture of Wesley Hicks are cool and special, most of them are break into many pieces to form a artwork, and it was pretty interest that artist use this style. First Michelle saw this artwork, she think of end of world. It seem like the city just destroy by some disaster and all the building fall apart and maybe descry in half. The furry style crab my attention too look at it deep too. All the piece of this artwork, Michelle thought of them are building fall apart by some disaster, such as watering, earthquake or some natural disaster. She do not know why she will think of this situation, maybe because the piece is look like the style of building. Michelle also find out most of the artwork that Wesley Hick uses are fall apart in many pieces, such as broke plate, cup or some model.


WK10-Classate Interiew-Yu-Tung Lin (Michelle)


My interview partner for this week is Yu-Tung Lin(Michelle),who is  a junior, major in Business Human Resource Management;http://yutunglin.com/

Michelle picked on the a small piano, which is made by  Diana Fleming: https://wordpress.com/tag/allen/

Michelle think the artwork from the gallery is pretty interesting because it is simple that artist use the bling decoration to cover the model. The piano is the pretties. She like it because the color and the style with special decoration is totally fit together! Michelle also love to see the artwork of object instead 2D painting or drawing. Beause Diana always use the same color with model and sparkling,  it makes Michelle think it is best to make the object artwork. It seem simple, cool and pretty. Diana also use dark color in Piano, it seem much more generous and luxury as previous simple model.

The second reason Mihelle like it is beause of the coloring. The color is bright orange and simple as week because all similar color. Due to the sparking is already complicated, so it is pretty smart to use smilier color together.


WK9-Classmate interiew- Yu-Tung Lin(Michelle)


My interview partner for this week is Yu-Tung Lin(Michelle),who is  a junior, major in Business Human Resource Management;http://yutunglin.com/

Michelle and I picked on the same sculpture, which is made by Liana Bak  https://twitter.com/baka_flocka

This artwork is called “The love affair of life and death”, made in 2014, and made by linoleum cut-printmaking

Michelle thinks that all the artwork from this gallery is wonderful with greatest and serious drawing. She also loves all the drawing the artist did. The one she choose this week is a pretty women with a bone guy. Michelle believe there is a deep meaning behind it and the story must be touch and serious, and she feel like it is mean a couple who cannot be together due to the reason of death or some far distance difficulty. Love is difficulty to determine with some reason. The work really make her felt kind of touch and sad when she saw the artwork.




My interview partner for this week is Yu-Tung Lin(Michelle),who is  a junior, major in Business Human Resource Management; http://yutunglin.com/

We picked on the same artwork,“A racehorse that has never won a race”, made by Rangel ( Unfortunately Rangel doen’t have a link to her website).

Even though we like the same artwork ,but both of us have completely different ideas of this artwork. Michelle told me from the two gallery, the artwork “A racehorse that has never won a race” makes her feel interesting and also love it. First when she saw it, she thought it was necklace with many heart, and believed there are deep meaning under the heart symbol. But after she saw the information of the artwork and artistic, she finally figured out it was the symbol of each baby who buried on the Smith Mountain Cemetery. It was totally opposite with her thought at first.  Michelle felt so sad when she know the true meaning behind the artwork. One heart represented one baby who died and buried on the Smith Mountain Cemetery. Even though the appearance is pretty but the history behind it was sad. Then Michelle was confuse about the title of the artwork, “A racehorse that has never won a race”. Then both of focus on the title, and finally we realized the true meaning, which is the baby has or time to start their wonderful and no chance to grow up as the racehorse never won the race because there is no chance for them!