WK12-Art110 EC (feedback)

Three Favorite activities:
1.Your Turn
I like this activity is because I could have my own choice to do any activity I want.
2. Teach One
The reason why I like this activity is also the same reason as the first one.
3. Landscape with a corpse
I like this activity is because it is really cool to plan a place, and a way of death for yourself.

Three least favorite activities:
1. Painting
I like this activity is because I use the spary can painted my name largely on the wall, it makes me happy.
2. Drawing
It is a good experience to drawing that does not use the actual pencil and paper
3. Counterfactu a identity
It makes me so exciting to show people the difference about me.

Feedback on the class
The class is pretty fun,I would say I enjoy it for the most part, because everything is very easy, but also challenge.

What could make this class better?
I would suggest that to switch the video activities with some other things,when everytime we get to the video part, it will give me a hard time. I’m
a shy person, no matter how many times I tried to talk infront of the camera,it just never work out.