WK15-Artist Interview-Hyeri Kim


This week, my favorite artwork is chosen from “His Extravagant Proposal” gallery, B.F.A Graduation Show by Hyeri Kim. The title of the artwork is called “The Bouquet” 5*5*4.75in, made by copper,brass, and liver of sulfur.

When I saw this artwork, I think it is very beautiful, and elegant; but there’s one little thing is the white roses in the container is half dried, and I’m not sure if it is made on purpose, or just the flower isn’t fresh anymore because it has been there too long. According to the artist statement, the show, and the artworks are trying to tell the viewers that falling in love is one of the most magnificent experience in life. The purposes is to give people an experience to deeply though about the definition of love. Also remind people what it feels like? How it happens? And someone special you spend the time with.