Wk13-Artist interview-Jeff Dulla

This week, the artwork I picked is called “Cyclical Natural”, which is made by oil on canvas, “96*5.5”, by Jeff Dulla.

When I first saw it, it remind me about a Japanese painting called “The Great Wave off Kanagawa”, I feel somehow their styles are similar to each other. But then after I stared it for a little while, I think this paintings color is more dark, very gloomy, and creepy. The color in this painting is weird, usually the sun should be red, but in the painting the sun is light pink, and the land also in different strange colors, which are dark blue and grey mixed together. In this painting everything is also connected, and the whole things looks like a evil world, and it makes feel it will only appear in the nightmares.

According to the statement, this artwork is contains a strong passion and diverse, it is totally came out from a individual vision. it presents a range of approaches vital to contemporary painting genre today, which includes representational responses to the landscape.