For this week’s activity, I decide to teach people on how to use paper to make a heart.



WP_20141109_002(My painting)

P_472525_1__1783284052(The Image)

For this week activity, I decided to do an oil painting. I really got into a ancient Chinese series  drama, and their images are extremely beautiful. I went online to collected the poster images, and found one that makes me want to paint. So I start my painting long time ago, but I’m so busy   since the school start, I never get to finish it. Until this art activity, it remind me about this unfinished painting, and I finally decided to finish the whole painting in one week.
This Chinese drama is called  ” The Palace: The locked heart jade” , the drama is about a is a simple and kind-hearted girl from the 21st century. One day she accidentally travels through time and ends up in the 1700s, in the forbidden city.  She meets the historical figure, and get involved into the history. She has to learn the hard way that history books do not always tell the whole story and her broken heart might just be mended by the most unexpected person. Her wit and knowledge of the future puts her right in the middle of the heated competition for the throne.


WK10-Activity-Landscapes with a Corpse


I really like this week’s activity, I think it is so cool to pretend as a dead person.

At first, I was planning to find a pretty place to be the background  of my image, but due to the time is tight for me in this week, so finally I decided to put my image mostly focus on  the  self-portrait, instead of the landscape(background).

I used a super big gauze scarf, and put it on the ground to be my background, and I also used some dry flowers and dry petal as part of the image. I want to show the beauty and elegant on the moment of death, and create a peaceful, serene image to make a expression of death is not fearsome, and maybe it just another beginning.