Wk15-Classmate Interview-Yu-Tung Lin



This week my interview partner is Yu-Tang Lin(Michelle), who is a junior, major in Business Human Resource Management http://yutunglin.com/

When she walk into the gallery, and saw this cute dress that really impressed her! Then she look in the deep, it is actually paper made! Which was a surprise to her! The style of the dress is cool and it is the style Michelle like! She love all the thing with white because she believe it represent happiness! The topic of the gallery is about proposal, and Michelle love the title of the gallery and felt happiness too!


WK15-Artist Interview-Hyeri Kim


This week, my favorite artwork is chosen from “His Extravagant Proposal” gallery, B.F.A Graduation Show by Hyeri Kim. The title of the artwork is called “The Bouquet” 5*5*4.75in, made by copper,brass, and liver of sulfur.

When I saw this artwork, I think it is very beautiful, and elegant; but there’s one little thing is the white roses in the container is half dried, and I’m not sure if it is made on purpose, or just the flower isn’t fresh anymore because it has been there too long. According to the artist statement, the show, and the artworks are trying to tell the viewers that falling in love is one of the most magnificent experience in life. The purposes is to give people an experience to deeply though about the definition of love. Also remind people what it feels like? How it happens? And someone special you spend the time with.


WK13-Classmate Interview-Kelsey Aparicio



This week, my interview partner is Kelsey Aparicio. Kelsey is a very nice girl, who is also a sophomore at CSULB, her major is kinesiology, which is the study of human movement. She hopes that with this major she will be allowed to coach or dedicate herself to sports medicine. She currently resides in the city of Downey. We talked a lot, and I found out that she was graduated from Downey high school, and her favorite things are reading, go to the gym, and play with her little nephew, also her favorite ice cream is coffee and cotton candy from ride aid and enjoys eating it after a good hike. Kelseyaparicio.com/

Kelsey’s favorite artwork is called “Shoreline”, which is an oil on canvas painting, made by Jesse Minott, she think the shapes from this artwork is very interesting, and the colors are totally the ones she likes, and she think the would be the one artwork she would like to hang on the wall in her bedroom


Wk13-Artist interview-Jeff Dulla

This week, the artwork I picked is called “Cyclical Natural”, which is made by oil on canvas, “96*5.5”, by Jeff Dulla.

When I first saw it, it remind me about a Japanese painting called “The Great Wave off Kanagawa”, I feel somehow their styles are similar to each other. But then after I stared it for a little while, I think this paintings color is more dark, very gloomy, and creepy. The color in this painting is weird, usually the sun should be red, but in the painting the sun is light pink, and the land also in different strange colors, which are dark blue and grey mixed together. In this painting everything is also connected, and the whole things looks like a evil world, and it makes feel it will only appear in the nightmares.

According to the statement, this artwork is contains a strong passion and diverse, it is totally came out from a individual vision. it presents a range of approaches vital to contemporary painting genre today, which includes representational responses to the landscape.


WK12-Art110 EC (feedback)

Three Favorite activities:
1.Your Turn
I like this activity is because I could have my own choice to do any activity I want.
2. Teach One
The reason why I like this activity is also the same reason as the first one.
3. Landscape with a corpse
I like this activity is because it is really cool to plan a place, and a way of death for yourself.

Three least favorite activities:
1. Painting
I like this activity is because I use the spary can painted my name largely on the wall, it makes me happy.
2. Drawing
It is a good experience to drawing that does not use the actual pencil and paper
3. Counterfactu a identity
It makes me so exciting to show people the difference about me.

Feedback on the class
The class is pretty fun,I would say I enjoy it for the most part, because everything is very easy, but also challenge.

What could make this class better?
I would suggest that to switch the video activities with some other things,when everytime we get to the video part, it will give me a hard time. I’m
a shy person, no matter how many times I tried to talk infront of the camera,it just never work out.


WK12-Classmate Interview-Yu-Tang Lin(Michelle)





This week my interview partner is Yu-Tang Lin(Michelle), who is a junior, major in Business Human Resource Management http://yutunglin.com/

Thai week, she and I pick on the same artwork, which is made by Henry David, but she decided to talk about the whole three pieces of work. Michelle told me When she walk around the gallery on Thursday, this artwork totally make her want to look at it more! She believe it must have deep meaning of a depressed girl in the challenger course, which is like dancing course with harsh teacher! The old woman looks mean and scary! I love this work because it totally looks like a comic with wonderful drawing skill! The last one with depressing girl is the one she love the most because it totally draw out the deep feeling of a little girl!