WK13-Classmate Interview-Kelsey Aparicio



This week, my interview partner is Kelsey Aparicio. Kelsey is a very nice girl, who is also a sophomore at CSULB, her major is kinesiology, which is the study of human movement. She hopes that with this major she will be allowed to coach or dedicate herself to sports medicine. She currently resides in the city of Downey. We talked a lot, and I found out that she was graduated from Downey high school, and her favorite things are reading, go to the gym, and play with her little nephew, also her favorite ice cream is coffee and cotton candy from ride aid and enjoys eating it after a good hike. Kelseyaparicio.com/

Kelsey’s favorite artwork is called “Shoreline”, which is an oil on canvas painting, made by Jesse Minott, she think the shapes from this artwork is very interesting, and the colors are totally the ones she likes, and she think the would be the one artwork she would like to hang on the wall in her bedroom


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