WK12-Artist Interview-Henry David Thoreau


This week, the artwork I picked it a pencil painting “16×20”, which is made by Henry David Thoreau, the title is called “Class”.

I like the style of this artwork is because it looks so cute, just like a comic. The meaning of it is also very obvious, there is an old lady with a crutch stand at the back center of the room watching and teaching children how to dance. There is a man who sit in front of a big piano playing the music,the old lady should be the main character in this piece of artwork, because she looks kind mean from the way she hold her position, and also from her huge reflection of her body shadow, which makes her seems very lonely, and inaccessible.

From the artist statement, I learned that when she was little, she grew up in a princesses, and power rangers; play time, potty time, and reading time. Her artworks inspiration are all basically comes from the memories when she was little. Henry states that when she was young, and always dreamed about everything that she could do if she get older; but now, she suddenly realized that things from her childhood time can be never come back. She want to show her artworks to remind everyone to roll down the window, close the eyes, and dream. These dreams can paint riot of color on an otherwise gloomy day.


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