WK10-Classate Interiew-Yu-Tung Lin (Michelle)


My interview partner for this week is Yu-Tung Lin(Michelle),who is  a junior, major in Business Human Resource Management;http://yutunglin.com/

Michelle picked on the a small piano, which is made by  Diana Fleming: https://wordpress.com/tag/allen/

Michelle think the artwork from the gallery is pretty interesting because it is simple that artist use the bling decoration to cover the model. The piano is the pretties. She like it because the color and the style with special decoration is totally fit together! Michelle also love to see the artwork of object instead 2D painting or drawing. Beause Diana always use the same color with model and sparkling,  it makes Michelle think it is best to make the object artwork. It seem simple, cool and pretty. Diana also use dark color in Piano, it seem much more generous and luxury as previous simple model.

The second reason Mihelle like it is beause of the coloring. The color is bright orange and simple as week because all similar color. Due to the sparking is already complicated, so it is pretty smart to use smilier color together.


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