WK10-Artis Interview-Yee Li


This week the interview artist is called Yee Li, who is also a student at CSULB, and major in paintin &drawing. https://www.facebook.com/yee.li.391?fref=ts

This artwork is untitled, made in 2014, oil on canvas. I think this is an amazing oil painting, when I saw it painting, it grabbed my whole attention. Cpmpared with other paintings in the sam gallery room, this is the best one I would like to talk about for this week. The painitng makes me keep think about the roses, and the color is also very awesome color which looks very soft. Yee Li used different color of red makes the whole painting looks like a  ‎three-dimensional. According to her statement,  her inspiration come fron the exploring anxiety and fear through spatial representation. The spaces can influence the way we react the moment of trepidation, and the spaces can also interpreted literally psychologically, emotionally, and mentally depending on an individual’s perspective.


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