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This week the interview artist is called Liana Bak, https://twitter.com/baka_flocka.

This artwork is called “The love affair of life and death”, made in 2014, and made by linoleum cut-printmaking

When I saw this artwork, I believe it is the most prettiest one in the whole gallery room, and it give me a strong feeling s of beauty and scary. The artwork is super daintiness, flawless, and the viewers are able to see very tiny texture with their eyes; especially the flowers which grows on the skull, and the background . The meaning of this artwork is really obvious from the title “The love affair of life and death”. The skull softly use the hand hold the girl’s chin, seems very gentle, and hugged her from the back. The girl’s face looks sad, dismay, and maybe also including a little bit of fear, but she seems didn’t want to get away from the skull. Overall, the whole artwork is telling a story of two lovers, one is in life, and one is in death, but still in love with each other.


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