This week, the interview artist is called kylomi fukui. https://twitter.com/kiyomimiz

When I get into the gallery room,  I saw most of the artwork are painting, and it is hard to pick one which seems interesting to me. So when I saw this amazing desk, it’s really surprised me, it makes me feel very fresh, and elegant. On the desk, there’s a lot of pieces of white stuff all over the desk and drawers, and on the surface of these white stuff have grass or small plants growing out. The first eye when I saw it, I think the whole artwork is somehow related to the nature or environment.

According to the Fukui, her insprition comes from a bird, her roomate has a cat that was skilled at hunting, and often bring back lizards, insects, even a baby bunny to tem as small gift. One day the act hunted a bird, just ike the other days bring it back home, the bird still barely alive, but Fukui knows it was not going to survive, so she want to watch the bird, and observe it as its life came to an end. The real meaning for this artwork is about death, it is the end of life, but also be a source of life.


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