The audience for my website could be anybody, at first I was thinking maybe I can put up things that is related to my major, and future career. But then I feel it will turn out to be a very boring website, and I will also be eventually losing my interest about this website.  I love to go to different places, or travel to somewhere with my family, I always take a lots of photos about the beauty of nature, and I also includes myself in these photos. My goals for this website is to post these photos on this website to let people view it, because I have never post them to the pubic. I really love to get to close to the nature, such as the place where almost no one will pass by, very quiet, and peaceful. I like to stay away from the people, and spend time with mwself in my own world. I took these photos to record the beautiful moment, and I’m willing to show it. I probably will post one photo on each week to achieve this goal.


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