WK6-Classmate Interview- Yu-Tung Lin(Michelle)



My interview partner for this week is Yu-Tung Lin(Michelle),who is  a junior, major in Business Human Resource Management; http://yutunglin.com/

Michelle and I picked on the same sculpture, which is made by Isiah Ulloa.Michelle told me when she walked in the first gallery for Isaiah Ulloa, his art work are totally shock her out! she love the white and snow, so Michelle really like this work during the first time she saw it. The biggest thing makes her feel interesting is the snow piece on the floor. Michelle did not identify there is a body lay on the snow piece, but she finally found out after finish asking question with the artist. Michelle think it was so interesting and cool art work, even though she do not know if artist do it with any purpose, but she actually feel cold when she walk into the gallery, and saw the work, because it was totally like winter and snowing.


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