WK6-Artist interview-Isaiah Ulloa


In this week, the interview artist is called Isiah Ulloa. https://www.facebook.com/isaiah.ulloa.5

In Isiah Ulloa’s gallery show room, there’s also some other works from different artist, all the works are untitled, but the main title is called :” A Sculpture Non Degree BFA EXhibition”. The only one sculpture that really cought my attention is the one that made by Isiah, showing a person lying on the snow. The reason why I like this sculpture is beacuse it makes me feel a strong sense of sadness, during the moment I saw it, I have already made up my own story, and meaning for the work. I think it is telling a story of a women is dying in a horrible cold weather in a snow day, she curled up her body trying to stay warm, but still couldn’t keep the warm temperature save in her body. When I saw it, I really think the mold on the snow is a women, because the body size looks so tiny, and not very tall, but Isiah said that is his body, he scanned his own body, then made it in mold, the whole sculpture is made by stereophone.
From the statement, I learned that this show explorers digital manufacturing such as: CNC, Stereolithography, and scanning, along with long-established methods of production. Also this blend is both conventional and manipulative. It create an exbition that suggested a narriative much like a series of movements or fragment in a story or film

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