WK5-Artist Interview-Excess&Access: The Photographic Condition (Faculty Invitational Exhibition)

WP_20140925_001 WP_20140925_003

In this week, the photographic I choosed is from the list of nine photographer. In my opinion, their works are much more better, more understandable, and acceptable than the works from other two rooms. I tried to search each person on the internet, but unfortunately, some of them were not able to be founded, and even some were available, I still couldn’t figure out which photographer did the work I like. There’s really not enough information for me to talk about the artist, so I’ll only talk about my idea or own thought about the work.
In this photographic, the viewer can see two world in it, one is from out side, and one is from inside. The whole thing is concentrate in an empty, old, dark room, a broken water machine hanging on the wall, seem like it could be falling on the ground in the a few seconds. viewer can see a outside world through the window, which is part of the ocean scene(waves,rocks),and in the right side corner of the room have anther little world, which looks like a small size of beach. I think this photograph can represent the inside and outside of us, the room is ourselves or our soul, the world outside the window is the really world that we were facing every day, and the inside little world is the world inside of our soul, the water in both worlds is the connection of our inner world, and the real world.


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