wk5-Activity-Counterfactual Identity


This is how I looks like before I changed my clothes.


Even though this project is asked for stand somewhere in the campus, but I decided to do it around my neighborhood, which can help me get less feelings of nervous, and shy. First, I asked the neighbors from across the street, they were an old white couple, very nice, and friendly. But they seems so confused when I asked them ”What do you think I looks like?”, so I explained my purpose to them. They laughed, and told me they though I’m going to the job interview, and I looks like a businessman, because my dress, and suit are too formal. Then, the last person I went to asked is the neighbor next door, because the lady in that household just came out, so I stopped her, explained, and asked my questions. She said she really like the way I dressed up, and I looks very pretty  just like a model.


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