This is Lia, who is a senior at CSULB, and she is currently major in public relations. http://liaagiordano.wordpress.com/
lia’s favorite artwork is the photo above, it is untitled(no name), because of the artist want leave it open to the viewers. This pieces of artwork is also made by maccabee Shelley, and the for this artwork are all made from breaken glasses, and melted plastics. It actually attractive many people, including me; Lia told me when she lay her eyes on it, she feel it so beautiful, and the reason she like this artwork is because the colors, and the shape are so cool, it also remind her about the bottom of the ocean, some of them looks like waves, some looks like seaweeds, and some looks like kelp.
According to Shelley’s own (statement) words about the shape:”  The building process is premeditated in response to research and utilizes molds to give the viewer some point of reference. The surface is created extemporaneously without structure to allow for more expressive finishes.” Also, Shelley believe that people all experience much more than they can possibly process or communicate through words, because individual experiences can only be communicated in their own languages. Shelley create the shapes for the artworks, but he leave the rest information in blank to the viewer to fill in by themselves, because the artworks name can be anything people want it to be.

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