This week the artist I interviewed called Maccabee Shelley. http://maccabeeshelley.com/ The one artwork I really like is made by ceramic (untitled), it grabbed my attention when I saw it, the color on it is attractive, which are very bright and light; it also remind me about candy, or something that is sweet, the shape of this artwork looks like plates, and having different additional red color in the plates, just like liquid.

According to Shelly, all his artworks are untitled, because he want leave it open to let the viewer create their own story, and name for the artworks.  When we ask him what inspires him to made these artworks, he told us the materials inspires him a lot. The materials he used were plastic, glass, and ceramic. He explained these things are the most valuable, and common on the earth(like glass, it can be last for thousand years), it is also something people see everyday, and it can be dangers but also beautiful. The method Shelly made these artworks are by melt, until it get to the shape he want. He work on few piece of artwork at the same time, but it took ling progress; the work also need a lots of materials, and the recycling center provides Shelley more than thousand pounds of the plastic, and glasses, which makes him very appropriate. From Shelley’s statement, in ceramics I seek a more universal language, a means of communicating beyond the limits of the individual. The goal of his practice is to express something beyond the reach of language, and so the work is its own best explanation. If something can be explained with words, then there is no need to make work about it.


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