This is my favourite kickstar video, her name is Clio Chiang, She is a story artist living in Los Angele, and worked on films such as Frozen, Paperman, and Winnie-the-Pooh. Clio Chiang love to watercolor paint in her free time, she have been very inspired by and drawing many of the weird and wonderful people of this city. About eight full sketchbooks later, clio compiling the best of her work into an artbook called Stranger Danger. I love her atter color painting so much, especially the colors she used is very soft, and fresh.

My Kickstar Idea

I tried many times to make the video, but never worked out. I’m a shy person, I really don’t feel comfortable to talk in the the video. So, at this point, I’ll just explain my idea in writing.

I would like to get fund to open a chinese resturant, to make reall chinese food which you won’t able to buy from any other places, and the people who donated the money will get coupons on either free meals or discounts.



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