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I like this artwork, which is called “A racehorse that has never won a race”, made by Rangel ( Unfortunately she doen’t have a link to her website). Rangel’s works are an exploration of materials and process. she have used a variety of metals, such as steel, brass and sterling silver.
“A racehorse that has never won a race” is the first artwork, and the only one that grabbed my attention when I first lay my eye on it. I think it’s very interesting, the way each small steel/brass linked together like the shape of hearts, and before I know the really meaning, it really looks like a broken bridge to me, because the way one side is hanging on the wall, and another side falls on the ground.
But after I get to know the artist,her background, and the meaning of this artwork, I’m very touched. According to Rangel’s statement, I learned that this artwork is related to her sister, who has already passed away one week after she was borned, the family buried her at a place called ” Smith Mountain Cemetery”, it’s not only made for memorial her sister, but also for the every baby who buried there. There’s one special gold link if for(represent) her sister ” Corine”. Even though Rangel use repetition of the same shapes, layering and separating components, but it all selectively pulling from two-dimensional maps, and then make into three-dimensional, which made the whole thing very pretty, and special.

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