This week, I met Diana vasquez. We didn’t talk much, I think she is shy, or probably just isn’t that familiar with me, so I don’t have too much information about her, but I believe she is a freshmen.

The artwork she decided to write about is the same one as I picked last week, which is called ” Infinity Ongoing Experiment”, it is an archival digital print by Megan Mueller form UC Santa Barbara. http://www.meganmueller.com/

Diana told me that she really only picked the infinity ongoing experiment is because she love photography a lot, especially if it’s of beaches, lakes, and natural landscapes ( something that related to the environment), and the paper looks like sand and the blue probably represents the a tide coming in. Also, diana think this print is pretty cool on how Megan Mueller finds a connect between Mother Nature and mankind, many others ruthlessly judge mankind objects and associate them with destructive and horrible things. But after she checked the artist’s information and statement on the website about the artwork, it made more sense. Diana found that the artist wants to make a connection between the man made objects and everything belonging to nature and that’s the reason why when diana looked at megan’s photo differently.


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