This is the Artists in Resident Project (AIRP): Dollar Tree , Fullerton, CA. It is a digital inkjet print, ( after M. Kelley) by Jennifer Frias + Christina Lee from CSUF, and the AIRP is also collaborative endeavor initiated by both artists. http://jenniferfriasprojects.wordpress.com/. and http://christinamijunglee.com/.

Since the galleries still have the same artworks as last week, so on the second I decided to look for one artwork that isn’t just only looks nice, but also not too complicate, and hard understand to me, or confuse me. When I saw this print, I was attracted by the whole pure blue color, and after about half of a minute staring at it, I found this artwork is very interesting. This artwork is basically made(put together) by clear-blue boxes, dish detergent-blue bottles, mouthwash-blue bottles, and blue goblets. The whole thing just seems like it’s located on the shelf in the market (Dollar Tree) , and ready for sell.

After check out Jennifer Frias and Christina Lee’s statement on their website, I learned that this artwork is one of their practice on combines temporal sculptural installations and performance, which ultimately presented in large-scale photo documentation. Overall I really like this artwork, very creative and lovely.




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