This is the first photo I took on thursday morning from my backyard. My mom is crazy about planting different flower seeds, vegetable seeds, and fruit trees, and because she have so much passion on it, we got many variety plants in our backyard, and the frontyard. When I went into the backyard that morning, almost everywhere is full of different blooming flowers, and I was attractive by the one which is in the photo, the color of the flower is so beautiful (light pink with yellow), even though it looks small, but it is very elegant and fresh.


This is the second photo which is taken from the campus around 10:55am. I took the bus that day, unfortunately, I missed the bus on the regular time, and I waited another extra 30 minutes to get on the next one. I really thought I’m going to be late, but the speed for that bus is faster than, and I arrived on time. I passed that crowded, noisy place and decided to take this photo on my way rush to the galleries.


This is my third photo, my brother and I walked together during the evening. After I went back home from the school, my brother want to go out play, so my mom and I took him to the mayfair park. My mom took this photo on our way to leave the park, and my brother is upset because he still want to stay.


Lastly, my final photo is taken when I was eating dinner. After left the park, we feel hungery, and the time is too late for cook at home, so we decided to go somewhere eat our dinner, and we went to denny’s.


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