Her name is Yu-Tung Lin (on the right side of the photo),  we found each other before enter the gallery, and she also called Michelle (nickname). http://yutunglin.com/

Michelle told me she is a junior, major in Business Human Resource Management; which makes me more excited during our conservation, because I’m also major in Business, but the only different is I’m in Accounting. We also talked a lot about the ourselves, school, including the courses we’re taking, and our jobs. From our conservation I learned that she like the actual 3D artwork than a 2D painting work. When we entered the gallery, and after viewed all the artworks, Michelle put her final attendtion on the artwork named “three little pig”, by clare little from UC Santa Barbara. https://clare-little.squarespace.com/.

Michelle told me she  was not interest at the first because there are only a part of brick wall is holding by a shelf, and it just feels normal. But when she found out the title of she started to feel so curious about the artwork, because “Three Little Pigs” is the cartoon she loved so much during her childhood. After few minutes of thinking, MichelleI believed that the meaning of this artwork is according from the third pig uses the brick to make the house to protect himself from the wolf. MichelleI was so excited to figure this out, because this is the first artwork make her think and get excited from.

We had a nice interview activity, and I’m so glad to meet Michelle.


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