WK1-GLAMFA Artist-Megan Mueller


This artwork is called “Ongoing Infinity Experiment”, it is an archival digital print by Megan Mueller form UC Santa Barbara. http://www.meganmueller.com/

I particular like about the ocean view from the background in this print, it makes me feel fresh, distance, and infinity when I first look at it. But besides that, I don’t know the meaning of this print, and I also have no clue about why the man’s hand is holding a sheet of paper with strange patterns on it, may be the person want to send a message. I finally figured the meanings out after I checkout Megan’s information from the GLAMFA website, Magan explains that:” her logical of the artwork is similar to the logic of an Infinity pool, it is man made, but desires to connect with the horizon for infinity. According to Megan’s information, she is heavily influenced by environment, weather, and physicality sculpture, especially interested in overlapping areas of the built and nature environment, that’s why almost all her artworks are related to the nature, and environment.


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